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Last Update   1 - 4 - 2013
Here are two good choices. The Blackberry Playbook or the HP Touch Pad. They are both at a great price at Amazon.
The Kindle Fire  This is Kindle with a color touch screen and, it does the job of the latest tablets on the market, and at a great price. Check it out at Amazon.com
Also - There are a few more new flavors of the Kindle reader at Amazon, Check it out on the links page. 
Update:   iPhone And iPad Repair
Check it out on the services page for more details
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Custom Computer Builders is a Shuttle - Authorized Reseller. Shuttle PC systems are the most unique PCs on the market today. These small form factor cube shape machines have all the power you need and want in a personal computer. Shuttle PCs come in many flavors, from barebone systems to powerful gaming PCs, workstations, home & office and more.

Custom Computer Builders is your source for computer upgrades and repair, laptop upgrades and repair, custom built PCs and complete system rebuild. Do you need to upgrade your system? or maybe you want to rebuild your computer from the motherboard up. We can help! We have built and upgraded systems for 15 years, and we guarantee satisfaction or your repair is free. Give us a call and let us help you build a system that you desighed. Let us build a real personal computer
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