Custom PCs                                   

The Custom Built Computer
Building a custom computer gives you the options to have your computer configured the way you want. You can start with a basic build and work your way up or start with a full blown system. Custom built computers are not just for the PC enthusiast or the hard core gamer. The key point here is expansion which will give you the option to upgrade your system over time.

So with that said, please keep in mind PC Gamers are really not my target customers.(most of them are building there own gaming rigs) I am offering Custom Built Systems to the average PC User, and Power Users. So in other words PC Gamers need not apply.

Starting with the COMPUTER CASE, POWER SUPPLY, MOTHERBOARD, PROCESSOR and MEMORY(the foundation of the computer) We can start building from here. At this point you can decide how much memory you want, add a second HARD DRIVE or more, one or two optical drives BLU-RAY, DVD/CD BURNNER. And even though most motherboards have there own GRAPHICS CARD (video chip) onboard, a better one can be installed at a later time. Now let's fast forward 3-4 years later or longer. (your call) Instead of buying a new computer (and again your call) your expansion options can give you an even better computer. 

The Upgrade / The System Rebuild 
Depends on how long you wait to upgrade your system. If you are interested in rebuilding your existing PC, your current motherboard must support this type of upgrade.

When building a Custom Computer we start with expansion in mind. Your upgrade 3-4 years later or longer can start with a new operating system MICROSOFT WINDOWS if available at the time. a new PROCESSOR and MEMORY, a new GRAPHICS CARD or SOUND CARD (optional) So Give Us A Call For More Information. And Let Build A Real Personal Computer.  209-531-6243 
Email estimates are welcome.

​ Please Note:  We do not have a parts inventory. Most of the computer parts we order are from Amazon, TigerDirect, and others. Here we have some links from as a starting point for your first custom built P C.